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Taj Mahal UFO by Terry Pyrite

Sightings: UFO's on the Internet

Have you seen a UFO on the Internet? Seen any aliens in famous places? Send your sightings to: Sightings. Include your name and URL of the sighting. Best entries or selected sightings will be posted. Yes, this includes original art and designs which may be featured on your homepage. So if have a unique, creative sighting of a UFO on your site, please let us know. Especially interested in humerous and mind boggling UFO or alien sightings at famous places like The White House, Statue of Liberty, Tower of London, Great Wall of China, inside famous painting or celebrity photographs featuring aliens, etc. If you have original digital art or photo collages which feature a sighting, please send as .gif or .jpg type file format. All entries may be posted upon SIGHTINGS with credit and link being given to the artist. No further compensation will be made. But, hey, this is for fun, not to make anyone rich!

Favorite Sightings

Sightings: UFO's on the Internet

Ho! Ho! Ho! UFO shot down over Missoula, Montana, early Christmas morning, 1998 courtesy of UFO Alert

Sightings: UFO's on the Internet

The Mona Lisa UFO is by Jeff "The Pope of Bridgeport" Barnes

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Sylvia Rayner
Digital images
by Sylvia Rayner.

Jeff Westover
Fantastic Artwork by Jeff Westover.
A must see!

Anthony Taylor
T-shirt images from Fashion Victim,
by Art Director, Anthony Taylor.

David E. Caywood
Detailed Artwork by David E. Caywood,
based on his Experiences.

Ramon Garcia Jr
Gray Area
by Ramon Garcia Jr.

General Gallery
Work by Various,

Landi Mellas
We are not alone.
Art by Landi Mellas
Ufo Encounter 1989
Art by MDowdey

Peter Gutierrez
Art by Gutierrez has exhibited
in a number of venues in Belgium.

Rick Smith
Inspiring Works of Art
by Rick Smith

Bruce F Horton
Fantastic Encounters
Art by Bruce F Horton

Jilaen Sherwood
Look to the Sky
Art by Jilaen Sherwood
Kris Hastings
The BlackClear
Art by Kris Hastings
Greg Messina
The Greg Messina Collection

Credits: The Mona Lisa UFO is by Jeff "The Pope of Bridgeport" Barnes and was found at The Mona Mailart Show: Gallery One; The Taj Mahal picture gallery maintained by Neerraj Peswani was used as a resource in modeling the Taj Mahal UFO graphic created by Terry Pyrite to illustrate the SIGHTINGS masthead.

Copyright © 1999 by Terry Pyrite. All Rights Reserved.