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Synthesis: Fine Art by Terry Pyrite

Synthesis is the process of taking basic elements and creating something new or different. The term as applied here relates to the process of taking different design elements and using them to create a new design. This also involves using different media (art, photography, video, etc.) and using software to enhance or edit the images to create fine art.

I hope you enjoy this on-line exhibit. Please send your comments or suggestions to: Synthesis. Include your name and URL if you would like me to link to your site. Thank you.


Taj Mahal UFO by Terry Pyrite
Fish in the sky

Fish in the sky was produced to illustrate Sightings. The work was produced using a photograph of the Taj Mahal. I used my mouse to drew in a crude UFO. Then used PhotoSuite III to change the color, cartoonize the graphic and cut/paste to produce the "fish" in the reflection pool. The idea is that the fish reflects in the sky to produce a mirage of an UFO instead of vice-versa. Yet because the fish is underwater it also looks like a reflection of the UFO.

Mona Deer #3
Mona Lisa Deer #3

Mona Lisa Deer #3 was produced by taking Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and adding a mule deer's head, sun, butterfly and flower prop to produce a collage. Then the resulting image was cartoonized and distorted or morphed using Photo Suite III.

Mona Deer #1a
Mona Lisa Deer #1a

Mona Lisa Deer #1A is a variation of the above Mona Lisa collage. Here the image was simply given a swirl morph using Photo Suite III.

Mona Deer Mirage #2
Mona Lisa Deer Mirage #2

Mona Lisa Deer Mirage #2 was produced using the above Mona Lisa collage, adding a blue tone, using a mirage morph filter and then cartoonizing the image.

Mona Moose #5
Mona Lisa Moose #5

Mona Lisa Moose #5 was produced using Photo Suite III to add a clock, electric guitar and moose head props. Then the image was morphed vertically and saved at a criticle phase in the process.

Mona Moose #6
Mona Lisa Moose #6

Mona Lisa Moose #6 was produced by adding a blue lens filter to Mona Lisa Moose #5.

Mona Deer #1a
TP Logo #3

TP Logo #3 was produced by taking a video camera image of myself using a Hitachi video cam and Snappy. I then enhanced the photo using PhotoSuite. First the colors of the image were altered and then it was cartoonized. Then a reverse was produced to give the neon effect after which the text was added so that the final art could be used on-line as my intro screen and logo.

New Exhibits Coming Soon!

I'll be adding new exhibits in the future so check the gallary pages below. If you would like me to produce some synthesis type art for you please contact me at: Synthesis.

The Mona Lisa Room | Hubble Deep Space Gallery | Hall of Leaves | The Dog House

Order Prints

Limited edition prints, signed, dated and numbered by the artist may be ordered by sending check/money order for $19.95/print plus $3.00 shipping/handling payable to: Electronic Arts/Synthesis Exhibit; P.O. Box 241035; Montgomery, AL 36124-1035. Each print is produced upon 8.5" x 11" stock using a Hewlett Packard Deskjet 722C printer. Please be sure to specify the name and number of each print you wish to order. Thank you!

Terry Pyrite
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