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Neon Lovers

by Terry Pyrite

She sets my heart on fire With her cybercam of desire Bubbling and streaming pics Into my dreams from afar. Oh she doesn't even know Or hardly even care that I exist on this planet In this place called cyberspace, No place in her heart for my love. Why oh why can't she see The fire that could be If only we touched And kissed deepest in our dreams? Could it be she has never known Love so true or sweet That she doesn't fathom how to fly Or swim the deep waters? How fun it might be To explore the night neon lights Flashing on the boulevard Of our luciferous embrace To make sparks fly between And through our lonely hearts Setting the world a fire With the passion of our love! If only she knew ... Could feel for a moment My love, my heart beat-beating Next to her naked breasts Might she come to love me If only in her dreams? For Chenell 2 Sept. 1999 The Viper


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Credits: I would like to thank Chenell for presence in cyberspace,
as she was the inspiration for this poem.

Copyright © 1999 by Terry Pyrite. All Rights Reserved.