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Navajo Wedding Ring

Ute's Navajo carpet

There is a legend associated
With the Indian wedding ring
I gave you so many years ago
Made of silver and turquoise
Mined from Mother Earth
Melted with fire and moulded round.
It says that he who gives this ring
To a maiden fair
Will love forever she who wears it,
And that if his heart is true
She will come to love him too.
And all the love given
Will be returned in the circle
Of endless time and blue sky
Made whole by hearts which never lie.
So I gave you the Navajo ring
As much for me as for you
Wanting the love I felt to last forever
Hoping in time you would feel the same
For me as I felt for you.
Perhaps the ring has worked its charm
As when we touched and loved so deeply
I felt from you all the love
Inside my heart pouring back
From your cup of love into mine.
Could it be we have been married
Inside our hearts all these years
To each other in the eyes
Of that that is most divine?
Or is the magic of the ring
Only a myth and our love but imagined,
A fantasy I've created
Because I could not go on
Without still loving you, forever?

For Ute with love,
1 May 2001

P.S. The background motif is a Navaho carpet design I wove for you, my darling Ute, who was the one who wore and kept the Navajo wedding ring I gave her so many years ago.


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Alabama State Capitol 12 April 2001, Jefferson Davis statue in foreground

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi, Rosa Parks Museum display, Montgomery, Alabama 12 April 2001

Children on floor of rotunda, Alabama State Capitol, 12 April 2001

Observation tower at Wind Creek State Park

Terry on Bobcat trail, Gulf Shores State Park

Terry and Jade at Mt. Cheaha State Park, highest point in Alabama

Terry and Jade at Mt. Cheaha State Park 16 April 2001

Jade on table rock at Mt. Cheaha State Park 16 April 2001

Jade at Gulf Shores State Park 21 April 2001

Terry at Ft. Morgan, Alabama 20 April 2001

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