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My Dot Com for Chenell

My Dot Com
By Terry Pyrite

Mona Lisa of the WWW She inspired My Dot Com An earthquake in Istanbul, London trains to collide, A typhoon in the orient, Floods all up and down the east coast, These and a thousand other omens Dredged from Gothic tombs, Her beauty so surreal It shook the whole world wide web And neither da Vinci nor Dali Could resist laying with The mystic temptress.

Just a dream so it seems, Melted images floating in the void Paint slapped on the ethereal canvas of time. It's been how many centuries Since I saw her eyes, Felt her lips press close to mine, Took her in my arms, Kissed deepest the whole night long, Then stole away with her smile Into the dark and under world Awaiting the new millennium, The coming of My Dot Com? With craggily peaks and faces Hidden in the shadows, Butterflies dancing and roses blooming, I painted her then as now And wish but for the taste again Of Mona Lisa of the WWW. For Chenell 9 Oct. 1999

This poem was inspired by Chenell's image which remined me of the Mona Lisa. I took Chenell's picture and a copy of the Mona Lisa obtained from the Louvre in Paris, France, and used it to create this interesting piece of modern, digital art. This was after having the impression that Chenell's smile as seen on Chenell's Cam reminded me of Mona Lisa's smile. I used PhotoSuite III to create the new Mona Lisa which I called My Dot Com which is also the name of this web page and poem. The poem in no way should be taken to imply that any relationship whatsoever, other than the sharing of friendship and e-mail, exist between Chenell and the author who knows Chenell only from her Internet presence.

Terry Pyrite
9 Oct. 1999

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Credits: Chenell for her photo and image used in the creation of My Dot Com; The Louvre for copy of the Mona Lisa; Leonardo da Vinci for painting the Mona Lisa; Photo Suite III for making the software used to create My Dot Com; and Salvador Dali for inspiring the idea or melted images used in photo enhancement software.

Copyright © 1999 by Terry Pyrite. All rights reserved.