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Synthesis: Fine Art by Terry Pyrite

Mona Lisa Anarchista #1014
Mona Lisa Anarchista #1014

Mona Lisa Anarchista was produced using PhotoSuite III. First a collage was made using a rose, metal, lemon, banana, mushroom, key and Kari's face from her Anarchista site. After touch up work the final design was produced by adding magic mirror morphing effects to extend the image both vertically and horizontally. Then toning was added. The primary idea in my mind at the time was that Kari is a vegetarian; hench the vegetables.

Red canna Kari #5
Red Canna Kari #5

Red Canna Kari was inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's Red Canna 1923. In fact the image was produced by using O'Keeffe's red canna to provide a backdrop. Then Kari's eyes were cut and pasted into the design. Next I used PhotoSuite's monster mirror and swirl morphing effects to produce the final abstraction. The end design is one which retains the classic flowery flair loved by O'Keeffe but adds a new 21st century flavor which is very much Anarchista.

O' Keeffe's Carpet  from Taos#5
O' Kaffee's Carpet from Taos #5

O' Keeffe's Carpet from Taos was inspired by Georgia O' Keeffe's painting Gray line with black, blue and yellow, 1923. Kari's eyes were cut and pasted onto a backdrop of the gray line painting and then flower and vegetable props were added. The collage was then distorted using PhotoSuite's magic mirror and ripple effects to give the resulting impression of a Navaho carpet from Taos, one of the areas O' Keeffe loved, lived and did some of her best work. Having traveled in the same area the influence of Navaho art comes across in this graphic.

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