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The Metamorphosis Gallery of Fine Art and Design

Featuring Exhibits by Terry Lynch, Artist, Illustrator and Designer

Specializing in abstract and modern art, multimedia designs and prints for usage on CD and book covers, custom designed fabrics, tiles, carpets, posters and projects which may incorporate morphic, surrealistic or other new age art styles.

Welcome to The Metamorphosis Gallery of Fine Art and Design! Here you will find exhibits of work by master artist and designer, Terry Lynch. Lynch's work has been influenced by such great artist as Pablo Picasso,Salvador Dali and Jackson Pollock!

Lynch uses the process of metamorphosis as applied to creation of fine art and designs to produce fantastic art work! Metamorphosis is the process of radical change produced by taking basic elements and creating something new or different. The term as applied here relates to the process of taking different design elements and using them to create a never before seen images or novel design concepts. This also involves using mixed media (photography, video and scanned images combined with traditional art media such as drawings and painting) and using software to enhance or edit the images to create fine art. Lynch also uses images of classic art, celebrated personalities, icons, high technology and famous places or historical events in production of metamorphic art works.

I hope you enjoy this on-line exhibit. Please send your comments or suggestions to: Metamorphosis. Include your name and URL if you would like me to visit your site. Thank you.


Self Portrait: Morphing with Marilyn Monroe #1031

Self Portrait:
Morphing with Marilyn Monroe #1031

Just as The Mona Lisa represents a Renaissance icon, Marilyn Monroe is a 20th century icon which I use repetitiously in much of my work. Also I make use of other icons including celebrities, super models and clips from works of the great masters which are used to construct collages. This is not done to steal anyone's work or associate with their fame so much as it is to express the idea that images which are widely popularized and/or advertises become part of the human psyche and hence evoke emotion when reviewed in other art work. I believe that such icon images belong to all people and should not be considered as owned by anyone. Therefore their usage in my art work is a creative expression which protests the commercialization of personalities. Therefore you may find clips of famous people or historically significant art and photographs in my work, not as plagiary, but as a creative incorporation of universally identifiable images to produce a new, original and emotion evoking art work.

Taj Mahal UFO by Terry Pyrite

Fish in the sky

Fish in the sky was produced to illustrate Sightings. The work was produced using a photograph of the Taj Mahal. A crude UFO was drawn using a mouse. Then PhotoSuite III was used to change the color, cartoonize the graphic and cut/paste to produce the "fish" in the reflection pool. The idea is that the fish reflects in the sky to produce a mirage of an UFO instead of vice-versa. Yet because the fish is underwater it also looks like a reflection of the UFO.

Please note that just as I use icons in my work, I use famous monuments, buildings or other structures for symbolic reasons. For example, The Taj Mahal may symbolize undying devotion or love to a kindred spirit as well as a majestic example of architecture. Often I use great or majestic wonders in my designs as symbolism to evoke emotions associated with those objects.

Mona Deer #3

Mona Lisa Deer #3

Mona Lisa Deer #3 was produced by taking Leonardo da Vinci's The Mona Lisa and adding a mule deer's head, sun, butterfly and flower prop to produce a collage. Then the resulting image was cartoonized and distorted or morphed using Photo Suite III.

Mona Deer #1a

Mona Lisa Deer #1a

Mona Lisa Deer #1A is a variation of the above Mona Lisa collage. Here the image was simply given a swirl morph using Photo Suite III.

Mona Deer Mirage #2

Mona Lisa Deer Mirage #2

Mona Lisa Deer Mirage #2 was produced using the above Mona Lisa collage, adding a blue tone, using a mirage morph filter and then cartoonizing the image.

Mona Moose #5

Mona Lisa Moose #5

Mona Lisa Moose #5 was produced using Photo Suite III to add a clock, electric guitar and moose head props. Then the image was morphed vertically and saved at a critical phase in the process.

Mona Moose #6

Mona Lisa Moose #6

Mona Lisa Moose #6 was produced by adding a blue lens filter to Mona Lisa Moose #5.

Morphing with the Masters

Morphing with the Masters

Morphing with the Masters was produced by taking a video camera image of myself a Hitachi video cam and Snappy interface device. Then PhotoSuite was used to cut/paste and morph the image resulting in a kaleidoscopic collage whiich incorporates mirrored clips from both Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Counterfeit #01

Counterfeit #01

Counterfeit #01 is really a protest with respect to how ugly our money is. Other countries use very colorful money but the United States is stuck in the trap of using archaic green backs. I believe our money would look better if it were colorized and we used animals and plants instead of dead presidents to illustrate our currency! In this work I replaced George Washington with King Tutankhamon's Golden Death Mask just to emphasize how old is the dollar bill's design. The U.S. mint has issued many commemorative coins and recently has undertaken the minting of coins to represent each state. Why can't the U.S. mint redesign the dollar bill? It might just make our money more respected and desired around the world, especially if we embossed a golden leaf Sun God in the corners using real gold!

Tutankhamon's Totem Carpet #06

Tutankhamon's Totem Carpet #06

Tutankhamon's Totem Carpet is an example of one of my more recent works. It blends ancient icons with modern design concepts that could only be produced using computer art techniques.

New Exhibits Coming Soon!

I'll be adding new exhibits in the future so please check the gallery pages below.

The Mona Lisa Room | Hubble Deep Space Gallery | Hall of Leaves | The Dog House | New Age Art | Landscape Morphs | New Age Art Store

Order Prints

Rare special issue fine art prints, signed and dated by the artist may be ordered by sending check/money order for $75.00/print plus $3.00 shipping/handling payable to: Electronic Arts/Metamorphosis Gallery; P.O. Box 241035; Montgomery, AL 36124-1035. Each print is produced upon 8.5" x 11" (image area 5" x 7") stock using a Hewlett Packard Deskjet 722C printer.

Larger special issue 16" x 20 "prints (image area 11" x 14" are available for $119.99. These prints are produced as special commissioned work and exist only in limited numbers which increases their value over time. These special issue high quality works are produced using Kodak LED prints on heavy weight stock from any of the digital art designs shown in the Metamorphosis Gallery.

Special high quality framing to fit any decor can also be arranged. You should plan on paying additional cost for framing and shipping/handling. If you want to order special issue and production prints, contact Metamorphosis Gallery to make the appropriate arrangements. These special issue prints are appropriate for exhibit in homes, offices, corporation headquaters and high class hotels and restaurants. Please be sure to specify the name and quantity of each print you wish to order. Thank you!

New Age Art Store

Visit the New Age Art Store to purchase selected items on mugs, mouse pads and T-shirts. If you see a print you would like to order in quantity on mugs, mouse pads or T-shirts just let us know and we will make it available. Thank you.

Special Commissions and Gallery Exhibit

If you would like me to produce some metamorphosis type art for you please contact me at: Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis type designs can be used to create tiles, fabric, carpets, advertising graphics, greeting cards or conventional art prints. Lynch has sufficient original designs available in print form for stocking galleries or one-man-shows of his work.

If you operate a gallery you may contact Lynch to arrange an exhibit of original art. Not-for-profit corporations, museums and galleries may purchase prints in bulk for marketing and set their own prices for prints to help raise money for their organizations.

Terry Lynch
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