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Ute's Holiday

Ute's holiday

It is strange the things people leave behind,
A dutch mark, a love note, a pair of panties.
These I found mixed in with my things.
There was a condom, too,
But I flushed that down the toilet.
It does not matter what was left,
All that matters is that we loved
A great and wondrous love
Our hearts holding each other so close,
Our minds mingling with each embrace,
No, it was not just sex we shared,
But a deepest passion, a deepest love.
Is it always so when one who is married
Loves one who is madly in love with them?
Or do I just ponder this as somehow
The only way to go on living without you
Is to keep your love alive inside my mind?
How can such a love be after a quarter century?
This has no answer least it be
That by miracle or fate we have always loved.
Maybe time tore us apart so that we could learn
That love can be forever if just kept alive
Inside the heart, mind and soul.
I do not have all the answers, my darling,
I only know that I still love you!
That still this very moment you are in my arms,
That I am tangled up in your embrace,
Our clothes scattered upon the motel room floor,
The bottle of wine emptied,
Our heads swimming with lust
My essence exploding into you as I hear
You yearn, "I love you!" in English.
How can this be, that we loved so
And now must go on with but the memories
Of those precious moments we spent
Cuddled together away from all the world,
Making love until our mind's screamed!
Yes, I love you, my darling!
I love you with all my heart, mind and soul.
I only wish that somehow we could be together
Again and again and again,
Forever. But all I have now
Is a dutch mark, a love note, your panties,
And this insatiable desire to be inside you
Making love once again before the memories fade
And we both forget the wonder of our love.

For Ute with love,
30 April 2001


Check back later for more love poems, photos and muse.

Navajo Wedding Ring

Alabama State Capitol 12 April 2001, Jefferson Davis statue in foreground

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi, Rosa Parks Museum display, Montgomery, Alabama 12 April 2001

Children on floor of rotunda, Alabama State Capitol, 12 April 2001

Observation tower at Wind Creek State Park

Terry on Bobcat trail, Gulf Shores State Park

Terry and Jade at Mt. Cheaha State Park, highest point in Alabama

Terry and Jade at Mt. Cheaha State Park 16 April 2001

Jade on table rock at Mt. Cheaha State Park 16 April 2001

Jade at Gulf Shores State Park 21 April 2001

Terry at Ft. Morgan, Alabama 20 April 2001

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