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Butterfly Girl for Chenell

Butterfly Girl
By Terry Pyrite

So far away she blossoms As I flutter through cyberspace Searching for my dreams Then I see upon the horizon An azure glow Which sets my mind ablaze Wondering how wonderful It would be to Sip the nectar Of her sweet kisses And pollinate her flower? Ah but winter's coming And I'll be dead by spring, Just a sclerotized shell Frozen 'neath the snow. Besides, she's only a dream, No flower so lovely Could really be, Not in this world Of insect sprays and pesticides. Plus what I really want's A butterfly girl Who can fly away with me Somewhere warm where winter Never comes and all the trees Are alive with butterflies In love dancing in the sun Of their delightful orgy!
For Chenell 7 Oct. 1999

This poem was inspired by Chenell's image and the author's fascination with nature as it alludes to love and romance. The image was captured from Chenell's Cam on Oct. 6, 1999 and enhanced using PhotoSuite III. The poem in no way should be taken to imply that any relationship whatsoever, other than the sharing of friendship and e-mail, exist between Chenell and the author who knows Chenell only from her internet presence.
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